Broadband Problem Guildford, Internet Problem Guildford

Broadband Problem Guildford, Internet Problem Guildford, Computer Repair Service

Over 85% of homes and businesses are now using the internet and browsing websites almost every day, so when problems start to happen it can be a serious issue, not only do the majority of businesses these days rely on the internet to sell their products but kids need the internet for studying and completing their homework.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting a lovely a gentleman in Godalming near Guildford in Surrey to solve a Broadband Problem he was having. He could not connect to the internet because his BT Home hub router was showing amber lights on the front display. He called out Computer Repair UK  to come out to his home to repair his Internet problem and within 1 and a half hours an engineer was with him at his home in Godalming Surrey.

Our engineer asked the gentleman if he had ever had an internet connection from the BT Home hub in the past, and he said he had been using it fine and it is now showing amber lights on the box and will not let his computer connect to the internet and broadband.

Shortly after some resetting and some reconfiguring the wireless network was up and running again, and the engineer was on his was to his next appointment with another happy customer of Computer Repair UK.

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