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Computer Repair UK visits many customers who have viruses on their computers and don’t even realise it. Some people are aware of it, but are not sure how the viruses got on their computer in the first place. Getting a virus on your computer infected from the internet is a very common thing, but preventing it is even easier.

Almost all viruses rely on your computer contaning dated software to infect you. This means they take advantage of your old Anti-Virus software, your old browsers or browser plugins, or even old applications you may be running could be exploited to produce unauthorised code on your machine, and steal all your data. The simplest solution to eliminate most infections is to just keep your software up to date, especially your Internet Browser.

Next time a pop up appears asking if you would like to update your computer, don’t close it, and click “Yes”, it’s trying to help you. Updated machines are simply much less vulnerable to virus attacks than outdated machines with older out of date software and programs.

Being cautious and being careful what you download is very important also. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to know whether a file you downloaded is safe or not, even some experts can never be sure. The only real way to avoid downloading malicious files is to only download from trusted websites. Websites like Rapidshare or MediaFire are not trusted sources because they don’t check the user-updated files. Read the reviews other people post and comments below the download, and don’t download anything that you can read other people are not vouching for. Don’t download and run anything from strange sites with popups.

One other thing I can recommend is to watch out for updates popping up while browsing the Internet (mainly java and flash, but adobe too) since it is a new trend among viruses to camouflage themselves as updates, potentially tricking the user into installing them.

Also, it’s very important that you choose the right anti-virus software to use. Most of them can offer you protection from infections, they are all required to run in the background non-stop. All Anti-virus software slows down your PC, but it’s a compromise if you’re getting protection in return. You want to use Anti-Virus software that gives you the highest protection with the lowest cost. A good example would be AVG, which gives you unlimited free use and updates.

Let Computer Repair UK cleanse your computer of viruses and keep your computer running at optimum levels.

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